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Eco T shirts sewn in Whitianga from hemp and organic cotton

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Sustainable Fashion
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Welcome to dTees. Eco T-shirts made in NZ

Hemp organic cotton and 100% organic cotton t-shirts made in NZ and environmentally friendly. We are a brand new business in  Whitianga sewing eco and sustainable T-shirts. We use organic cotton and hemp/organic cotton fabrics and print them with Dave’s unique and original art designs. You can also customize your own by using our design feature or just send us your image and text with size and colour and we will print it for you. For those of you who want to print your own or just want a plain tee we also sell blank tees

When we say brand new we mean just that. It’s been a huge learning curve and we still don’t know if we have it right. The clothing industry has been decimated in NZ with cheap imports and sweat shops overseas so we in our small way want to help in a revival. We value your opinion so please give us your input on the website, designs and the final product, your hemp organic cotton t-shirt.

Fabrics for our t-shirts

For our first batch we used 100% organic cotton fabric in single jersey knit at 160 gsm dtees. We have sourced some hemp/organic cotton fabric in interlock also at 200gsm which is a little more substantial and a more luxuriant feel. We want to be in a position to utilize the hemp fabric when it becomes available in NZ.

Why hemp and organic t shirts 

       We started the business to help our special little country recover from the upheavals of 2020. By creating jobs for locals. Providing the opportunity to buy NZ made buy nz . Making the business eco and sustainable and utilizing the renewed interest in hemp we are in a position to aid that recovery.

      It is very important to know the difference between organic and ordinary cotton products . Ordinary cotton is rated one of the dirtiest crops on the planet and uses 4 times more water than organic. Also the organic certificate ensures that workers and farmers are treated fairly.

       Our workers are treated unfairly too! They have to listen to Dave’s 60’s music and eat his stodgy home made bread for lunch!

But in the end it is all about looking after the planet and the people and animals on it. We believe our products do that and are proud to say they are ethical, beautiful and well made by Kiwi’s!

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